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We accept Western Union, Money Gram, VISA,and other ways, Here are the details:

1)Transfer via. western union or Money Gram.

We want to make sure for everyone that all payments are safe,because our group are NOT nearsighted,we want Long-term profits and want to do business forever with our friends.We value our credit.if pay by Western Union or Money Gram,you will get 8% off in total,please contact us with email if you choose this way

2)Pay by VISA

You can pay directly by VISA online!

sometimes your payment by VISA may fail,that because you may have a block on your credit card for outside the United States purchases. please call the bank and let them lift the block.then you can try again,any question contact us,thank you

3)Pay by other ways

If you want to pay by other ways,please email us.welcome to contact us!